Carousel and Ferris Wheel Working Model
Hand Made in Wisconsin in the 1950's

This has been sold.

Working model of a ferris wheel and merry-go-round.
It has lights all around, the models revolve and rotate, and the horses go up and down.
It is all one unit but each model has its own motor and can run independently.
It was hand made by a craftsman in Wisconsin in the 1950's.
The horses are Hartland models and Breyers. The riders are little plastic dolls of various manufacturers.

The workmanship is superb - the carousel marquetry floor is inlaid all around, and colored glass jewels adorn the carousel eave.
The ferris wheel seats are balanced to remain upright.
An American flag tops the carousel canopy roof.
All in all it's a colorful, charming and unique depiction of a typical American amusement park attraction.

The wood base measures 50" long and 30" wide.
The merry-go-round measures 25" tall and the ferris wheel is 32" tall.
It is in excellent condition.

For more information, pricing and delivery options, email [email protected]
or telephone Ron Kelly at 315 487-7451.

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